Approximately 3000 sq. ft. on ½ acre, located 100 yds. from our house, 7km south of Kabwe and the Driven property.

  • Contains:
  • 3 bedrooms with suites 
  • 1 bath
  • 2 large porches
  • 1 large separate sitting room/office
  • 1 small foyer office
  • 2 large convertible rooms with outside entry
  • Large kitchen/lots of storage



renovating our new farmhouse to lodge our short-term trippers and host a hospitality degree program

Enters into an open living and dining area. Ceiling has been removed.

Outdoor Entry

Through double doors on L of L picture is this large multipurpose room w/outdoor entry and large porch.  One piece of ceiling has been removed.  Porch has a log supporting roof.

Kitchen space would allow for several stoves and sinks to accommodate large groups.  Continuing through the kitchen leads to this storage space in the 2ndpic, and then to this larger room (3rd) that has outdoor entry.  This 3rdpic could be converted into another bed/training/board room/ office.

Along right wall (yellow oval), is another room with outdoor entry and easy

Behind the living room, along the back wall, is a hallway with 3 (technically 4) bedrooms and the bathroom

The first room (pic) has no ceiling and another small bedroom off of it.  Perfect for families

The other 2 bedrooms also have sitting areas off of them.  We might consider how best to use/modify them.  The bath will need to be redone, and we might consider another space where we could add another bath (or two).

Around to the front of the house, is a small foyer/office to the L of the large porch.  The porch is ideal for outdoor dining/sitting area.

At the back of the house is a large yard.  The left picture has circled the houses of the dairy farm workers.  I think we’ll need fencing/wall here, not because of them, but because of openness and proximity.  2ndpic is facing toward the dairy farm behind.  Included within the property line is a slab for containers (!) that connects around to the main farm road.


Electric might need some updating and replacing.  Seems no structural damage.